​​​​​​​Aspen Grove Church "With Country Church Values" 

Belief in God the Father Almighty as the Creator of the universe, and in humans created in His image to be His children and serve Him, acknowledging the reality of human sin.

Belief in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, who sacrificed Himself on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, and the acknowledgment of free will in accepting or rejecting His offer of salvation.

Belief in the Holy Spirit as God present with us, guiding us towards salvation and Christian service.

Belief in the unity of the Church for worship, fellowship, spiritual growth, ministry, and global missions.

Practice of sacraments including baptism by immersion, Holy Communion, and feet washing.

Belief in the Bible as God's Holy Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and valuable for teaching, correction, and instruction in righteous living.

Belief in God's judgment based on faith and actions, and in eternal life for faithful followers.

These beliefs provide a solid framework for the church's teachings and practices, emphasizing salvation through Christ, the importance of spiritual growth and service, and the authority of Scripture in guiding faith and conduct.